China is one of the most powerful and fast developing countries in terms of economy and production. It is the largest exporter of goods in the world. People’s culture has a strong influence on attitude and upbringing. The changes that they have undergone over the years are varied, and despite the difficulties, they have experienced, the people there are very cohesive, friendly, and friendly. When you visit this amazing country, as a tourist, you will feel very good because people are warm and will always help and guide you where you are going. Chinese holidays are very lush.

There are always shows featuring animals that the Chinese believe are lucky – dragons and lions. Celebrating the New Year is really fun. It bears the name of one of 12 animals each year. It is a Year of the Dog and the Dragon.

The Chinese believe that everyone bears the character of the animal in which year he was born. The celebrations for New Year’s Eve continue throughout the month. The fun of the lanterns is the most fun. People decorate their homes with lanterns of varying sizes and shapes and organize processions and fireworks. A huge dragon heads the procession. It is made of a bamboo skeleton covered with silk or paper. It includes up to 20 people who make him dance on the streets.


There are also dancing lions on Chinese holidays. The dancers in the lion costume are very athletic. Jump high to grab the envelopes with money that people throw at them. Sometimes there is a dancer who hooks up with a lion to demonstrate his skill. Women are usually small, weak, and very subtle. They are so fragile and delicate that sometimes one is afraid to touch them so as not to break them. If you like little and weak girls, then you are in the right place to choose yours, Chinese escort girls. Chinese women are real tempters. They are loyal and strive for a worthy reputation. If you want a real and high-intelligence woman, call now and book your Chinese escort girls You will be satisfied and we guarantee you that. Browse our gallery and make your choice.


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