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At Ubergirls, erotic massage in Amsterdam is a service that men, women, and couples can enjoy. Our massage therapists are trained to perform different types of erotic massage. From the sensory techniques of tantra to the mind-body to body and Lingam. Apart from being the most beautiful in Amsterdam, they are also perfect professionals. They are individually tailored to each client to satisfy even his innermost or most daring erotic fantasy. At our agency, we will fulfill your order with discretion, professionalism, and gallantry. Sensuality, relaxation, excitement, and satisfaction, this massage is perfect for everyone – that’s all! It contains the right elements that would make you mad and thrill every man. Unlike other erotic techniques, Ubergirls erotic massage was created for one purpose only: to be exciting! Can add other intimate services to the massage to satisfy your erotic desires.


Nothing compares to a sensual erotic massage after you’ve been at work, in the office, on tasks all day. You deserve a reward for your efforts! Who will rid you of the stress of everyday life and negative energy? An erotic massage in Amsterdam is the best way to do this! lovely ladies, who have also experienced masseuses, will create a little love miracle with your body. Indulge in the sensual eroticism that Erotic Massage will bring you. Agency is based in Amsterdam. But you can rely on us in cities like Rotterdam, Den Hag, Utrecht, and more.

If you want to find out for sure whether our service covers your city. Get in contact with us and get all the info you need from our kind associates. Massages are a whole erotic art. Is a story not only of sensory sensations and stimulation of erogenous zones but also of exotic experiences. High-class escort models offer various services such as body to body massage, tantric massage. But also full erotic massage or prostate massage.

The selection of girls on our website are females of 21 years and above and provide each one of their own special abilities when it comes to giving an erotic massage. Wrader you like it warm, easy, and tense buildup or a combination of massage plus sex, we have a great offering of girls in Amsterdam on 24 hours basis. Ubergirls in Amsterdam provides clients 24 hours outcall massage service. Whether this is at a hotel, Airbnb accommodation, or even your private apartment, we will deliver fast and not with an extra charge. Try it out and place your booking by calling us. Phone number is +31 (0) 6-300 860 80 and is available 24/7.


For more open gentlemen looking for new experiences, we recommend 4 hands massage – double stimulation, visual, physical, and double pleasure! Everyone knows that massage and sex are two of the most enjoyable activities, and if you decide to combine the two together, you will get an erotic blast of sensations and sexual ecstasy. All our massages always end with a happy ending! This means that the client will reach a climax at the end of the massage. Girls beauties are specially trained in the art of massage. Their ability to stimulate erogenous points in your body borders on perfection. You are asked to do nothing but relax and enjoy this divine feeling. Contact us and we will send you the massage therapist you choose and she will come fully prepared. Additional escort services are available. After you make your reservation, our girl will do everything to satisfy you completely.


UberGirls has at least 10 pre-trained massage therapists ready to do the service you want, 24/7 at any time. For the best experience, we recommend submitting your application as early as possible (at least 2 hours in advance). This way our lovely lady will be able to prepare as best she can for her session. Browse our stunning gallery and discover the most sophisticated massage therapists in Amsterdam. When available, they can be dispatched within 25 to 35 minutes to Amsterdam and other cities.

That is a professional and licensed escort agency with 24 hours service. We offer a selection of beautiful massage therapists in Amsterdam with fast and discreet delivery for men, women, and also for couples. Pleasure and safety are our top priorities. Absolute anonymity, no matter where you want to have a session with our girl. It is absolutely normal for you to want to feel as protected and comfortable as possible.

However, for each person, this feeling is mostly related to the home. We want all our clients to feel at ease and comfortable with our escort services. Therefore, we are pleased to receive outbound call orders. Nothing can replace the privacy and the luxury of meeting in your own territory. Advise you to keep clean towels within reach and take a shower (or together!) on the forehand. Hygenic is an important role in enjoying a full massage, of course, our girls obviously like clean men. So please make sure everything is in check. Everyone can reach us on the number +31 (0) 6-300 860 80 if you are interested in  24 hours erotic massage in Amsterdam.


No matter where you are in Amsterdam – in an AirBnB hotel room or apartment, give us a call NOW and get your fabulous dose of pleasure! Whether it’s a Nuru massage, a Tantra massage, or a body massage, the result is guaranteed to be a happy ending! Please also check the prices of our escort services starting from € 160 per hour. At any time you will enjoy the company of the most beautiful, sexy, and perfectly trained girls in the art of erotica and massage. There is proven an excellent reputation that we want to uphold every day.

Be aware that we offer a discount starting at 3 hours or more. Please check all this on our website, then book your night out! Use our live chat at the bottom of our website to determine with our assistant what kind of service you prefer. The Ladies will take care of you quickly and discreetly! Delivery in known hotels is possible and happens very discreet – there will be no check-in towards the reception.


Visits to a hotel in Amsterdam are very common and give you the luxury of enjoying your time with your lady in a neutral place. Booking to your hotel – we will require: the name of your hotel, your room number, the name under which the room is booked, the time and date of the event, how many hours, and also a mobile number to contact you. There is no charge for delivering escort girls to hotels in Amsterdam. To book your personal home we will require: full address, including zip code, your name, time and date of the event, how many hours, and a mobile number to contact you. Delivery is fast and without parking the driver in front of your door.

Contact us for reservations, you can use our live chat at the bottom of our website, by email, WhatsApp, SMS, or call on the number +31 (0) 6-300 860 80. Our staff is at your disposal 24 hours a day. Of course, anonymity is guaranteed!


Among the main elements of this type of massage are slow rhythmic beats, performed on the melodic waves of sensual music. Continuous solid pressure and uniquely integrated art of naked erotic massage sensations. A great combination for your dream list! Our girls provide these services on an even 24 hours basis meaning you are welcome to place your booking for an erotic massage in Amsterdam at any moment.

Last but not least the various packages of massage we offer are wide and the best pleasuring you can find at the moment. Both singles and couples can enjoy one or even more masseuses of choice if you’re looking for the best possible in Amsterdam. Call us now for more info or bookings on the number +31 (0) 6-300 860 80. We are open 24 hours for you.

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