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Japan, the land of the rising sun. This is a beautiful country filled with many cultures and morals. The people there are nice and friendly. Many types of art are studied, the greatest art is that of Geisha and Japanese escort girls. Young women are trained to be humble and respectful to both their husbands and others around the company. This art is the main and most important thing for women.

Initially, geishas were mostly men. Gradually, geisha men disappear and are displaced by women, as is the case today. Geisha starts her education while she is very young. Then she is called a “Maico”, which means “dancing child” (mai-dance and co-child). It takes her 5 years to train to be maico, during which time she learns traditional Japanese arts and etiquette. Becoming a Maico, an apprentice geisha student has been the aspiration of many Japanese girls.

The one who finds the courage to become a Maico goes to live in a dormitory called the okia, with okaa-san, which means the mother – the okaya holder, located in Hanamachi. During her studies, a beginner geisha works as a housemaid or assistant to an already experienced geisha and thus receives her training. The life of a geisha and extremely difficult. In the morning she wakes up in the early hours and goes to bed late at night. He learns to sing, dance, and play a traditional Japanese stringed instrument, like a guitar-like string.


The mother must learn the various traditional Japanese arts, the tea ceremony, and the ikebana, as well as her subtle ability to converse. After such a difficult and long training, one day, if mother-san decides that the candidate is ready, then the dream comes to announce her as a geisha. She can now start wearing special kimonos, makeup with shiny white powder and paint bloody red lips, and have a sophisticated hairstyle. The back of the neck always stays in natural color, because it is considered the most erotic place in the female body.

The eyes make up in black and red – “The eyes are the door to the soul” of man and therefore must be the most beautiful. While geishas use their entertainment skills using traditional Japanese arts such as music, dance, and storytelling, professional courtesans offer sexual entertainment like a Japanese escort girl. In our agency, you will find the highest placed courtesans. They are trained to donate both artistic entertainment and sexual enjoyment.


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