Do you like the idea of disciplining a naughty schoolgirl? Or does a sexy nurse tickle your fancy? Either way, roleplay is a common kink that can take on various forms if you are willing to let your imagination run wild! 

Roleplay is the perfect escape from reality if done correctly! Exploring your ultimate fantasy or experimenting with power dynamics and control only heightens the excitement of sensual intimacy. However, finding somebody who wants to try your specific roleplay fantasy can be tricky!

Our roleplay escorts in Amsterdam love exploring a variety of fantasies with their clients. They are open-minded to trying something new, so if you want to explore your fantasies, you have come to the right place.

Even if you want to try a roleplay scenario but are still trying to figure out where to start, our escorts will help you discover what gets you going- judgement free! To help you, we have listed our top 8 roleplay fantasies our escorts provide at Ubergirls Amsterdam, with a few bonus booking tips!


Where to find a Roleplay Escort

If you are in Amsterdam and looking for a roleplay service, your first thought may be the Red Light District. We understand it’s an iconic palace to seek companionship, but it is not necessarily the safest or most reliable option.

However, booking through an agency is a perfect alternative if you want quality and, most importantly, fun! UberGirls has a gallery full of roleplay escorts with a sneak preview of the costumes and toys they can bring to your meet-up.

With an advance booking, our Amsterdam roleplay escorts have more time to prepare and be attentive to your needs. They will listen and accommodate your desires, so you can get the roleplay experience you deserve!

Our Gorgeous Roleplay Escorts

Escorts such as Gaby love engaging in roleplay fantasies with their clients! She has a collection of sultry uniforms from a French maid to a Schoolgirl, and she can provide toys and services that will only add to your enjoyment!

Whether you have dreamed of being pegged or want a lapdance to tease yet please you, Gaby can fulfil your every roleplay desire! 

If dark-haired ladies aren’t your type, we also have a variety of beauties to suit your needs, from curvy and busty to European or Brazilian, so you get your dream roleplay experience and a girl who is exactly your type as well!

Why stop at creating the perfect roleplay scenario? Discover what other services our roleplay has to offer. From domination to an erotic massage, find the perfect concoction of services to build the ultimate roleplay scenario!

At Ubergirls Amsterdam, our girls only offer an outcall service. This means they will come to you wherever you are, whether in a hotel room or apartment! 


Roleplay Ideas



Let’s face it! All men have a nurse fantasy, which can now become a reality with our roleplay escorts. If you are looking for a lady in a nurse costume to dominate you, look no further than the gorgeous Andrea!



Suppose you are looking to explore power dynamics with your roleplay fantasy. In that case, nothing is better than pretending to be an escort’s boss, especially if you want her to be submissive to you!

Alternatively, let a mature escort be your boss, and let her tell you exactly what to do for a switch-up of power in your intimate life!



Our roleplay escorts specialise in a schoolgirl fantasy. If disciplining is the route you want to go down, we highly recommend this roleplay fantasy. Imagine Eva in a tiny skirt open to your deepest darkest fantasies. This is a roleplay opportunity you cannot miss.



You may enjoy the idea of an escort pretending to be a stranger coming up to you in an Amsterdam bar, slowly building to the excitement of your eventual private encounter.


French Maid

Firstly, French maid uniforms are sexy! Secondly, isn’t the idea of a gorgeous escort serving your every need the perfect fantasy come to life? Play with power dynamics, whether you are in control of your maid or if she is the one surprisingly dominating you. With this roleplay idea, you are in for a night of endless fun.



Handcuffs? A tight latex cop uniform? These roles practically lend themselves to a kinky roleplay fantasy where you can let your imagination run wild. You may want to take this down the BDSM route, with extra special punishments for a criminal as naughty as yourself!



You could go to a strip club. Or you could have a private strip tease for as long as you want for your eyes only. This roleplay idea will make you feel like the only man in the world and allow it to go that extra step further than it would in a regular strip club. Your escort can tease you until she lets you enjoy true intimate pleasure.


Fantasy Roleplay

For those who want to be transported to another world entirely, engage in some fantasy roleplay! From Knights and princesses to cosplay, detach from reality and immerse yourself in an original sensual roleplay with an escort who is just as open-minded as you are.


How to Book

Do you like what you see and want to begin your roleplay fantasy? Contact us at +31(0)6-300 860 80 today to make you’re booking a reality!

Before you book, we advise browsing our escort gallery to find a girl who provides roleplay and any other service you require so that you are satisfied with your meet-up.

It is also worth checking a girl’s profile to understand how much you are expected to pay when you eventually meet. From her hourly rates to overnight service to any extras, it is better to prepare payment beforehand to have a worry-free and transparent experience.

Once you have booked, you can sit back, relax, and indulge in your ultimate roleplay fantasy!

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