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Erotic Massage Amsterdam

At Uber Girls Amsterdam, our main priority is to ensure that you become happy and relaxed. All of our beautiful ladies are experts in the craft of sensual and erotic massage.

Whether you are visiting Amsterdam for few days or a local, our erotic massage babes will pleasure you with a sexy yet relaxing full body adult massage, giving you a wonderful boost when you need to escape from everyday life

Our masseuses are all unique and offer the highest level of service, if you are seeking an amazingly sexy lady to tease and caress your body, and satisfy ALL your needs, then check out our beautiful Uber Girls!


The Tantric therapist ignites the flames of passion, which usually use lingam or ions techniques, and thus creates new pleasure. This massage technique is used before sex or love games or as the ultimate sex act. This erotic massage stimulates the erogenous areas of the body, increasing sexual arousal. Every part of your body in a tantric massage is honored, cared for and respected equally. It is essential that attitude and thought are in the right mind so that the emphasis is on the sexual aspects of it that affect the flow of energy rather than the concern about sexual satisfaction or erotica.


The male body is created for this erotic massage technique, the testicles and the penis massaged specially. Lingam massage is both a spiritual and healing practice for the donor as for the recipient. It is essential that attitude and thinking are in the right mind so that the focus is on sexual pleasure, influencing the energy flow rather than the concern about sexual satisfaction or eroticism. Although the massage is likely to feel erotic and sexual, it is not the purpose of the massage. First, the man must be aware of his tender side so that he can relax and absorb the pleasures of the massage. While it sounds absurd, we should not forget that healing erotic massage is not intended to achieve orgasm but serves purpose, to help the person easily learn how to control ejaculation for the future of partners as he wishes. There is deep relaxation and specific energy that brings us feelings of greater pleasure, happiness, relaxation and inner bliss during the practice of Tantric massage.


he woman sees Tantra as intimacy and sensuality, because she by nature, possesses a certain ability to unite sexuality, love and spirituality. However, we live in a society where girls are not taught how to fully express their femininity. It can therefore be difficult for a girl/woman to feel and choose the best for herself. It may be difficult to indulge and surrender to the sexual desire, pleasure, love and intimacy and to step out into its full strength, beauty and sensuality. These limitations and interlocks can be dissolved by a loving and conscious touch in tantra massage. After experiencing Tantra massage you will find that the limitations, pains and tensions disappear from the mind and body. Traveling in yourself will be like a guided tour, you will realize that you feel completely free and loved. During the massage you will be able to get the ions massage. The ion massage is a gentle and respectful massage of your ions (vagina). In Tantra, ions are regarded as the source of a lifetime and are honored with the utmost respect. Ion massage can awaken your connection to your deepest feminine core and have an extremely curative effect on pain, tension and problems, thus helping you to have more sexual desire, pleasure and orgasm.


This kind of massage brings some unusual, but very deepening moments in your life. Tantra massage for couples who want to explore themselves and each other. With Tantra massage We can expand our self-esteem, harmony with ourselves or relationships. A beautiful ritual for couples who want to give their sexuality a new intensity. Sensual massaging is a soft and gentle, loving touch, a special and gentle massage that harmonizes erotic energies, awakens sleeping fire, sexual energies and joy. You will explore your body and its potential to obtain love, feelings, sensuality and sexuality in a new way. Tantra helps to deepen your sensuality and ability to feel pleasure. Unlocks the blocks, thus increasing our ability to intimacy, bringing us closer to our partners. You will remain completely calm, filled with positive energies and joy. The Millennium tradition of Tantra maintains that the pleasure experience erases the disharmony, unpleasant experiences, repression, shame and anger in our being, which prevents us from living a more complete life.


We get a lot of emails asking the question: exactly what constitutes an erotic massage is.? Many of our clients want to know exactly what to expect in a typical erotic massage session. And it’s completely understandable. An erotic massage is an intimate experience that requires great confidence, tranquility and comfort to get properly. Any erotic session is individual can vary from masseuse to masseuse because all our girls express their eroticism in a different way. However, the basic elements of an erotic massage are usually the same. Gentle, relaxing in erotic massage present smooth movements through which you reach the peaks of sexal excitement.


Light relaxing massage. The relaxing massage stimulates blood circulation in all parts of the body. By massaging the whole body with gentle and medium pressure on the muscles, in long, stretched movements, you will slowly feel that the massage will affect you. This will allow your muscles to completely relax and be excluded from any stress that has been collected in them. The experience of relaxing massage will create the feeling of freedom and clarity in your mind. This massage will renew your energy and will give you strength for the coming days/weeks.


The masseuse will use her nude body to slide all over yours, stimulating erotic desires and awaken your spirit, until you will be ready for the most perfect happy ending you ever had.
A Nuru massage may not be something you have tried before, but it is a real delight, incredibly relaxing and phenomenally stimulating at the same time. A Nuru massage is full body-to-body contact and it is incredibly rewarding. It is about creating a connection and generating a truly tantalizing feeling, much more so than a traditional oil adult massage. When you use the whole body, you can work on relieving all the pressure points and delivering complete satisfaction that is both erotic and sensual.

Erotic Massage Amsterdam

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  • 1 ½ Hours  240€


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