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The aroma of purity, perfume, and freshness is appealing to all people. Most men like it when the lady next to them is a non-smoker. This gives them a relaxing and enchanting intoxication of the sensory organs. The smell of tobacco is not usually attractive. Non-smoking lovers are men or women who don’t smoke and hate when their partners or guests smell like burnt tobacco. Nonsmoking, escorts are sought after by male abstainers.


Sometimes when you see a lady in a lounge bar with a long red dress, bare-chested. With beautiful velvety hair scattered on her shoulders but also with a long thin cigarette. Cigarettes and slowly inhaling the smoke and exhaling it seems very passionate and sexual. Such a woman looks exciting and sexy, of course, most men would want her. If the client has a sexual interest in watching the smoking escorts, he has a choice for such a woman.



Customers’ sexual fantasies about smoking or accompanying smoking are common. If you like smokers maybe here on the non-smoking escorts page is not your place. Turn your attention to Smoking Fetish. Smoking fetishes are very popular with men who visit companions. The client may ask an escort to smoke a cigarette, rolling tobacco, or maybe a cigar. He will get sexual arousal from watching or imagining the escort or smoking himself. But let’s not forget that smoking is unhealthy. Nonsmoking escorts look much more attractive and seductive. There is a much higher quality of intercourse and more energy in intimate sexual relations. If you want to have an unforgettable night with a pleasantly scented nonsmoking escort, then you are in the right place.

Browse our high class escort girls and choose your lady. Get non-smoking escorts, also tell us what you want, and we will advise you on the right choice for you. Experience your passionate dreams surrounded by the pure aromas of jasmine, vanilla, or flowers. Immerse yourself in the depths of erotica with our wonderful non-smoking escorts. All our ladies are extremely intelligent in higher education and good manners. Their athletic bodies smelling fragrant oils will captivate and conquer you. We are sure that you will be extremely pleased with the experience with them. A pleasant of smelling non smoking escort woman is always much preferable to the smell of tobacco.


If you would like to book non smoking escorts, you can do so by calling +31(0)6-300 860 80 also on our Live Chat or email ubergirlsamsterdam@gmail.com. Our agency works 24 hours a day and offers many sophisticated and sexy girls age 21 and older. Escorts are possible in Amsterdam and in the surrounding villages. Our girls are unique, beautiful, and intelligent. You can browse the site for more details. Arrival time is 25 minutes and up depending on where you are. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. Our specialist staff is here to answer your questions correctly and accurately. Reservation is possible for both private homes and hotels. We also provide many optional services