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Prostate massage – This massage is known as “G-spot male massage”. According to many experts in the field, the prostate is the epicenter of men’s stress, tension, emotions, strength, and sexual pleasure. If executed correctly Prostate Massage directs the man to an absolute orgasm. According to our clients, the climax caused by prostate massage can only be compared to the brightest and strongest orgasm you have ever experienced! This is why prostate massage, at our company Ubergirls in Amsterdam, is one of the most popular services lately.

It is amazing and complete because the phallus and prostate excitement actions can take place simultaneously throughout the procedure. The possibilities for manipulation of the penis are unlimited and can be many and varied. You can also take advantage of other forms of Prostate Massage, including finger, use of sex toys for anal penetration, strapon. We recommend that you clarify all this in advance by telephone when you book your girl so she can come prepared for you. Tell us what you need and what you want. Reward yourself with wonderful experiences and supreme orgasms. You deserve it.



No matter where you are in Amsterdam – in an AirBnB hotel room or apartment, give us a call now and get your fabulous dose of pleasure! Whether it’s a Nuru massage, a Tantra massage, or a body massage, the result is guaranteed to be a happy ending! Please also check the prices of our escort services starting from € 160 per hour. You will enjoy the company of the most beautiful, sexy and perfectly trained girls in the art of erotica and massage. Ubergirls have proven an excellent reputation that we want to uphold every day. Be aware that we offer a discount starting at 3 hours or more. Please check all this on our website, then book your night out! You can use our live chat at the bottom of our website to determine with our assistant what kind of service you prefer. We will take care of you quickly and discreetly!


Visits to a hotel in Amsterdam are very common and give you the luxury of enjoying your time with your lady in a neutral place. For booking to your hotel – we will require: the name of your hotel, your room number, the name under which the room is booked, the time and date of the event, how many hours and a mobile number to contact you. There is no charge for delivering escort girls to hotels in Amsterdam.

To book on of our high class escort girls to your personal home we will require: full address, including zip code, your name, time and date of the event, how many hours and a mobile number to contact you. Delivery is fast and without parking the driver in front of your door. To contact us for reservations, you can use our live chat at the bottom of our website, by email, WhatsApp, SMS or call on the number +31 (0) 6-300 860 80. Our staff is at your disposal 24 hours a day. Your anonymity is guaranteed!