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XXXGirls has the best catalog of high class escorts not only in Amsterdam but all over Europe. Our high-class agency covers the full range of escort services. Including Overnight Escort. Many clients prefer to book this type of escort service. This gives them a sense of something real and complete. We have escorts that would be happy to spend the night with you together at your place or hotel of choice. This service is suitable for people who do not like to stay alone at night and want to have a quality intimate company. Many of our Escort models from Amsterdam are fitting to stay all night with you.

You can enjoy a dines & wine, go out together during the evening with our lovely escort. We can advise you if you decide to book all day or all weekend. It’s totally up to you and your wishes. You can call us 24/7 at the following phone number and book your chosen high class escort model +31(0)6-300 860 80

Stay the night
Check the profile of the model you choose, whether she/he supports the Overnight escort service. Then contact our Agency. Our goal is to provide you with the selected high-class escort model at your place at the exact time. 

We have the best selection of escort ladies and gigolo in and near Amsterdam available 24 hours. Delivery starts from 25 minutes to the center. Contact us today on the number: +31(0)6-300 860 80 to book your escort. We provide escort services not only in Amsterdam and the surrounding area but also in other cities in the Netherlands. Click on a photo of our model escort and view more info about the services it supports.

An overnight stay with a high class escort

The Overnight escort service is among the most requested in our VIP Agency. This is because the service offers great benefits to the customer who has preferred it. First of all, the price of staying the girl or the gigolo overnight, compared to the cost of a one-hour service, is extremely advantageous.

The advantages of overnight bookings with the escort or gigolo 

One of the sweetest benefits of the Overnight escort service is the feel. The feeling of being on a real date with a girl (or boy). The atmosphere is far more intimate and genuine. You can even feel the romance, the thrill of the coming night. For a single customer, this is crucial. And when he wakes up at night he will not be alone but will feel the warmth of his partner beside him.

Besides theme intimate aspect of spending the night together, it can also relax you. You do not constantly watch your watch because your service time may expire. You don`t have to hurry and can simply enjoy your time togethér.

If you have to get up early again, we advise you to book an overnight of 12 hours. But what is better than enjoying the breakfast in bed together, followed by delicious eroticism? 

If you want to feel rushed in the morning, book an overnight stay of 16 or 20 hours. 

Some suggestions for overnight bookings service with XXXGirls 

Usually, this is the interval between the end of the afternoon and the end of the evening. If you choose the first option and make a reservation by the end of the afternoon, there are certain advantages. Then, with our VIP escort model, you can have dinner or drink somewhere outside. You could even go to the movies or visit a museum. Amsterdam’s entertainment options are endless and you could easily take advantage of any of them. With that start of your meeting, everything becomes easier and more enjoyable afterward…

If your reservation is for later in the evening, you will have less time for dinner or something out. This is a good option if you have other plans for an earlier evening with colleagues or friends. Then you could invite our high-class model of a cocktail or a glass of wine to a sophisticated night bar or restaurant. Whatever your plan for the evening is, there is no need to worry that your time is limited and may expire before the most important part. And when you get home, light a candle and play romantic music. Anyone would appreciate such a romantic gesture. In addition, the sexual and erotic experience of this background is proven to be better.

Some terms and conditions for overnight bookings with the escort or gigolo

During an overnight booking, your high class escort should be able to sleep undisturbed for at least 5 hours. But it’s almost certain that you, too, will need such a break after the full-fledged sex evening you will experience with our hot escort model. Tell your partner in the evening how you prefer to sleep: hugged or not. You and your escorts must set your preferences so you can feel comfortable with each other during this time. However, a good night’s rest is very important for the overall feeling of how your overnight meeting went.

If your booking ends early in the morning, the high class escort will freshen up and say goodbye to you after waking up. However, if you have booked your appointment to end later in the morning, then you could safely enjoy a great breakfast with our VIP escort. Or you can forget about breakfast and indulge in the morning sex gymnastics…!

If you would like to complete the escort service later in the day then you need to make a reservation for 12-16 hours for our high-class model. The price for the service is based on the maximum number of hours that you spend with the escort. However, with such a long booking, you must go out for at least two meals outside your hotel or home. You also need at least one extra activity outside the hotel, like a nice shopping tour, visit a museum, gallery or whatever you like.

Our VIP escort service does not offer escorts and gigolos, which will be restricted to the client’s bedroom only.

A booking with two or more escorts during an overnight stay 

XXXGirls offer you the Overnight escort service for more than one model. You could book 2 or 3 escort models for an overnight stay. As a rule, our escorts arrive at the same time and leave at the same time. Imagine being invited to an event or a private party, and appearing with a few beautiful girls around you. It will definitely impress everyone. Or maybe you want to surprise your business partners with an unexpected “giveaway”? Whatever the reason, you can count on our high-class models to meet your requirements.

Or maybe you’re just a fan of threesomes and group performances. Then you could book our beautiful and sexy escorts for yourself. All night long! Or maybe just for a few hours. Both options are available.

Call us to make a reservation or to ask about the options we can offer.


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