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Being a functioning adult can sometimes feel like the most difficult task in this whole world. When you’re being dragged down by so many factors – stress, impatient bosses, stupid friends, etc – it can be easy to get caught up in it all and to be swept into this world of never-ending anxiety and stress. While there is no universal solution to this issue that is plaguing the minds of millions worldwide, we have cooked up a special service that these types of clients can enlist, which will whisk away all of your worries and bring you into a world that you’ll never want to leave. 

Our relaxing massage service stimulates blood circulation throughout the body. This full body massage features gentle and medium pressure on the muscles which will release all of the tension that has built up over time. With elongated and slow movements rubbing up and down your body with the help of warm oils, you will slowly be transported into a world of perfect calm, peace and serenity. A massage of this nature will allow your muscles and whole body to release built up tension and bring you ever so closer to peace of mind. 

Keep in mind though, that this is still a type of erotic massage which means that while relaxing you, it will also make you feel absolutely amazing, even finishing with a Happy Ending. If done consistently, this type of massage can provide you with some much needed energy and impetus that will not only improve your mindset but affect your everyday life in a greatly beneficial way. We guarantee that with our girls you will get what you need and you will be very pleased. All you have to do is browse our girl’s gallery and call us to book the one you like best.


Whether you’re in an AirBnB, hotel room or an apartment of your own, why not give us a call now and enjoy a wonderfully refreshing relaxing massage in 35-45 minutes of booking? We offer a range of erotic and relaxing massages that will liberate your soul, ranging from the ever-so-wonderful Nuru massage to the incredibly magical Aquatic massage, all of which are finished with a Happy Ending. We operate within the comfortable price range that starts with €160, meaning that our services can be enjoyed by most of the potential clients residing in any major city in Holland. We also offer discounts for bookings that are 3 hours or longer, so there’s never been a better time to enjoy a longer booking with one of your favourite escorts! 

Over the years, UberGirls have proven to be one of the most trustworthy escort agencies based in The Netherlands. When you ask anyone what they associate with the term “best escort agency” in Holland, they will most likely say us. This is not only because of how wide we offer our services but also because of the incredibly high standard of service that we provide you with. Gone are the days of sub-par backstreet escorts, with UberGirls you can enjoy a truly 5-star experience and take your night through the clouds of pleasure. 


In Amsterdam and The Netherlands in general, escort visits to a hotel are incredibly common. This can be very beneficent for clients because it allows you to enjoy the luxury of being in the presence of a world-class escort in a completely neutral place. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up and she can feel safe in this environment. If you’re booking a hotel service, all we will need for you are: the name of your hotel, your room number, the name under which the room is booked, the time and date of your date, how many hours you wish to spend with us and your mobile number on which we can contact you. We do not charge any extra fee for delivering your girls to you. 

On the contrary, if you’d like to book a visit to your personal home, we will need your: full address including your zip code, your full name, time and date of the experience, how long you wish to book our escorts for and a contact number. Delivery is guaranteed to be within 35-45 minutes of booking and our drivers are instructed to never park directly in front of your house, preserving your privacy. We take bookings via phone call, WhatsApp, E-mail, SMS or using our online chat in the bottom right corner of the website. 

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