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Ubergirls is a high-class escort agency providing services in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. We are an oasis of free choice entertainment. A kind of island of beauty and sexuality. We never judge our customers for their preferences, but we try to fulfill their most intimate fantasies and desires. With us, you will get guaranteed anonymity and security of the service you want to take advantage of.


You are ready to lose your virginity and experience the pleasures of sex. Whether you are a boy or a girl, man or woman, it is perfectly normal to be insecure and ask yourself questions. And for sure the most significant are: where and with whom?

We can help you with that. Our ladies are experienced in this area. They are calm and relaxing. Let them take the lead, no need to worry about what to do next or what is going to happened. They will point you in the right direction.


Our Unique Virgin services are available for men and women over 21 years of age. In addition, we have bisexual escort ladies that are available for a Virgin Experience with heterosexual male clients and bisexuals or lesbian female clients. Our heterosexual male escorts (gigolos) are available for the Virgin services with female clients.


Our escorts are nice, beautiful, patient, and sensitive. They will give you all the time you need. They will be extremely careful. To provide you with the best possible experience of such an intimate and important moment in your life. And if you need some advice and guidance, our wonderful escort models will be there for you! Unobtrusive and with all their master skills! They will predispose and inspire you to feel truly special! As you are! This will give an increase to your confidence, so your chances in the dating circuit are guaranteed to rise. You’ll get answers to all your questions and more.

Losing your virginity by an escort service is probably the best option for you. Sex, in most cases, is huge fun! Especially if you do it with the right partner. Our elite escorts are well prepared for this special sexual experience. We offer you the intimacy and sexuality you crave, without having to worry about not doing things entirely right the first time. Everyone can have hesitation, especially when doing something for the first time. But there is no room for concern. Our top escort models know how to react in any situation. With a lot of tenderness, patience, and tact, they will give you the necessary advice and guidance so that you can turn any hesitation into a positive and valuable experience. Just leave everything in their skilled hands. Relax and enjoy the sensation.


You had unsuccessful first sexual intercourse associated with not very good experiences? According to one study, about 60-65% of both boys and girls were dissatisfied with their first sexual act. And in over 30% of cases, no sexual act occurs at all. I.e. you are far from alone in this. Or maybe you just didn’t have enough time or opportunities to get in touch with a partner to have a serious relationship with? Or probably you just want to learn how to treat a woman in bed? In that case, you’ve come to the right place!

Our amazing escorts will take care of you. And you don’t have to do anything. Just relax, and the escort model you choose will make sure you have a great night. If you wish, you could drink something together before the session. A pleasant spontaneous conversation also works wonders. Not to mention a professionally performed massage or a bath together. All of these are completely possible options that will only pave your way to Paradise!


If you are interested in taking advantage of the great sexual experience of our professional escort models, they will be happy to share it with you. Our ladies will be more than happy to show you the sexual subtleties you want to know. Sex lessons with one, two, or more teachers… At your choice! So If you want to gain precious experience in treating the woman the right way. Or if you want her to teach you useful sexual tricks – then you can book a date with Ubergirls escort model right now!

Please keep in mind that our Rates start from € 160 an hour, 600€ for 4 hours. Your privacy is guaranteed and the minimum delivery of escort girls starts from 25 minutes. Contact us for more details and let us know about your preferences. For quick questions please call us on the number +31(0)6-300 860 80. Our staff is available 24 hours to answer your call and send you a girl discreetly. On our live chat available on the bottom right you have the chance to write directly to our available operator. 

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