High Class Escorts VS Red Light District Window Girls

It can be tempting if you are on a lads’ holiday or travelling alone in Amsterdam to wander the famous Red Light District to find an escort. After all, it’s world-renowned, so it must be the best service in the world! Whilst it may sound fun, a quality experience is not assured, and you are potentially throwing your money down the drain.

When booking a high-class escort vs a Red Light District window girl, a high-class escort wins every time! There are multiple reasons for this ranging from safety, quality and professionalism, making models from Ubergirls the only option for an exciting night in Amsterdam. 


  1. Safety and Security

It is crucial to prioritise your safety and security when hiring an escort, and the best way to ensure that is by going through an agency. Here at Ubergirls, we check all of our girls for criminal records before they appear on our site, leaving you safe in the knowledge you can hire a professional escort who does not pose a danger to your safety.

Looking for a lady in the Red Light District is a lottery whether you find a girl you like, let alone someone you can trust and be safe with! For additional assurances on the standard and security of our girls, you can find further information on our homepage

  1. Experience and Knowledge

Not only are you getting a safer service if you book a high-class escort, but also a better one! As we only employ professionals, all our escorts possess deep knowledge of what it takes to arouse your sensuality. Whether looking for a gorgeous dominatrix or a skilled erotic massage, booking a high-class escort will take you to the heights of pleasure. Our girls are experienced in these services and love exploring each client’s fantasies, and love to accommodate all kinds of kinks and fetishes.

However, finding the service you want in the Red Light District may take time and effort. Suppose you do eventually happen on a dominatrix escort, for example. In that case, there is no certainty that their skill level matches the high standard agency escorts in Amsterdam can provide, leaving you unsatisfied. It seems more expensive to pre-book, but for assured quality, it is more than worth it!

  1. Discretion

Wandering around the Red Light District window shopping for the perfect girl can be an intimidating experience. For the quieter amongst you wanting to enjoy an escort with privacy, discretion is vital. Booking through a high-class agency is paramount to achieving this, as we do not share our clients’ details with anyone beyond our agency, and we can arrange a way for you to meet an escort that remains discreet. Furthermore, it allows you to enjoy your experience in the pleasure and comfort of your hotel room if you book an outcall escort!

  1. Refined Tastes and Interests

Ubergirls Amsterdam doesn’t just employ girls with sizzling beauty, which is, of course, a priority for us. We also understand some people hiring an escort want to forge a connection, whether an intimate evening in your hotel room or through a dinner date. With a high-class escort agency, you can find girls with similar and refined tastes by checking their profiles to see their interests. Whilst browsing the Red Light District may seem appealing, you will not receive the same attention and get as much for your money as you would with a high-class escort. 

  1. A Wider Range of Services

As discussed, all girls at Ubergirls Amsterdam are professionals, which means we offer a more comprehensive range of services than your standard Red Light District outlet. We cater for all interests, whether you are looking for a threesome or simply a city tour with a gorgeous girl

Companionship is just as important as our sensual services, and we cater for all sexualities, whether you are straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual. By browsing our website, you can become excited about the service you will receive rather than the inevitable let-down of going to the Red Light district. 

  1. Take Better Care of their Health

Last but certainly not least, high-class escorts often take better care of their health with regular medical check-ups and practise safe sex, a massive relief for you. They are also better groomed than Red Light District girls, looking more sexy and sophisticated to ensure you are impressed.

How to book a high-class escort?

Convinced booking a high-class escort is the best way to go? Then head over to our booking page! Once you’ve found the perfect girl who offers the services that fulfil your wildest fantasies, fill in our online booking form to make your trip to Amsterdam all the more exciting.

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